Guidebook for the 2011 event is now closed:
Deadline was November 1, 2010*

* You may still register from now until January 15, however you will NOT be included in our printed Guidebook - only on the website directory.
* Registration is for one weekend and one artist only.

If you are a visual artist or artisan, this is a great opportunity for you to show, sell and exhibit your work in your own studios, gallery spaces, exhibition venues and spaces that you create for this event. We want all creative individuals in the visual arts, whether full-time or part-time, to be able to share their creations and creativity with the public. That's the essence of this event. Students, emerging artists, established and world-renowned artists are all welcome. All artists working in any visual medium are encouraged to register including but not limited to photographers, painters, jewelry designers, ceramic artists, filmmakers, multi-media artists, graphic designers, metal artists, sculptors, fiber artists, printmakers, digital artists, wood carvers, textile designers, illustrators, body painters, etc. You create your space and the experience that the public will have when they enter your space, whether it's in your own backyard garden, at a retail art gallery or in your pickup truck parked in your driveway.

This will be the most fun, creative, innovative art event on the island of Maui and offer the local residents and tourists a very unique and exciting event to add to their yearly calendar.

Here are some ideas, tips and recommendations to help make your participation unique, special and successful.

Turn your home into an art gallery or exhibition space
Rent a nice venue to show your work in
Ask your relatives who live in that huge mansion on the ocean to lend you their home for the weekend
Have your dentist give you some space on their office wall for the weekend
Set up a gallery in your back yard
Hang your work in an alleyway on the side of your landlord's building (we recommend getting permission first)
Have guests sign a guest book to build your email and mailing lists
Have a raffle to help build your lists
Invite friends and family over to build a crowd
Follow up with those who show interest in buying your work in the future
Team up with artist friends and share a space together (registration fees are per person)
Demonstrate how you create your art or craft during the event
Hire a musician to add ambiance to your space and if not, play some nice background music
Serve pupus and refreshments
Come to the Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition with a piece or two (and easels/stands) of your art to show and encourage people to come to your space
Make your own postcards to promote yourself and to give out at our Opening Celebration
Make your own detailed maps to your studio to give out at our Opening Celebration
Be professional and present your work and the space professionally

You get the idea! Have fun and be CREATIVE since that's what we are :)

Don't have a studio or space to show in?
The Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center is offering a limited number of rental spaces to registered artists in the event. Click here for more details.

Guidebook for the 2011 event is now closed:
Deadline was November 1, 2010*

* You may still register from now until January 15, however you will NOT be included in our printed Guidebook - only on the website directory.
* Registration is for one weekend and one artist only.

When you register after November 1, 2010, you automatically receive the following:

1. A directory listing on this website:

Your listing will be created once you register and will remain on the website until the end of the event.
A in-depth description of you, your art and your event submitted by you.
A link to your website.

A link to a Mapquest/Google map of your studio or exhibition space location.

2. An opportunity to show up to two pieces of work at the Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition:
You must bring your own easels or stands to display your work
Jewelry artisans may bring one table up to 5 ft wide for displaying jewelry
Bring your own detailed maps and printed promo materials to hand out if you desire

3. An opportunity to participate in a Maui Open Studios Exhibition at Gallery Oceanica just steps off of Front Street in Lahaina:
A number of artists name will have the opportunity of showing one piece of their work in this art gallery.

The exhibition will be open to the public during the event from February 5 - 28.

4. Downloable Maui Open Studio Promotional Materials, Signage and Event Posters/Flyers that you can print out on your desktop printer or at Office Max or Kinko's (very affordable) and use as promotional material to bring people to your studio on the weekend of your event. Print as many as you wish and distribute them to potential art buyers. Use them as signs outside your studio or exhibition space the weekend of the event so people can find you from the street and around the neighborhood. Add arrows to direct them to your space.


The MOS Guidebook is now closed. Please consider an ad for next year to really stand out. Our Guidebook will be full-sized 8.5"x11" and full-color throughout.

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