"Douglas Chun Studio has participated in MOS since its inception in 2011. We have had nothing but the finest experience in this-once-a year event on island.

Douglas has been in hiatus with his watercolor paintings in the last 5-6 years. During this time, his work was shown only in our Kula home/studio. Our participation in MOS gave him exposure and sales not only during the event but it continued throughout the year.

Most importantly: Besides his collectors, we have met so many artists and non-artists alike, who took time to come to our studio... fostering intimate encounters highlighting creativity, appreciation and inspiration... that alchemy is truly priceless!

In 2012 Douglas started painting in huge acrylic abstracts. MOS was an excellent venue to introduce his new work to the community. MOS' no-nonsense organization and widespread publicity gave us ample exposure. Douglas and I cannot say enough about Carolyn's professionalism, dedication and labor of love rendered towards the well-being of all artists who participate in this event. Thank you."

- Janet Chun, Douglas Chun Studio


"I never expected so many people to show, buy works, place orders and enjoy my work, ask so many questions, be able to talk shop and story with so many others in my field or other mediums, feel supported, and feel the quality of a fine social event like a cocktail party on my entry deck and driveway where folks lingered and munched pupus and talked story for good periods of time while others looked seriously at my art work inside. Highly positive experience from beginning to end.

It was my first Open Studio in my life and so I was open to most anything as not many people know me or my work. I was thrilled to have such an overwhelming turnout of friends, visitors, locals, tourists come to my home and really see my work, ask very serious questions, talk shop for long time with many other artists, and make many more sales than I ever dreamed of. I sold out of several items, replaced them on Sunday and sold out again. It was deeply moving for me and I'm touched to have come out of the closet on this event and very much look forward to seeing how I move my work out into Maui from this breakthough event for me. Thank you for all of the fine organization and professional touches all the way through."

- Hilary Harts, Hana Artist - Painter, Photographer

"Yahoo! By the way, it turns out that a collector was on island near the end of the event along with two friends. One of the friends found one of the guidebooks in Lahaina at Gallery Oceanica and called the collector to tell him. He called us and came by the studio, not on our day of the event, but because of the guidebook. They purchased a total of 5 paintings! I credit the guidebook for these sales. Mahalo for such a great job!"

- Kathy Loyd, Wife/business partner of Ken Loyd, Kihei Artist - Painter

"We had over 200 people on Saturday and another 100 or so on Sunday. I had 2 other artists show with me and we were all very pleased with the weekend.

Comments were incredible and we sold a lot of art over the weekend. You were right about signage. I bought 2 sheets of plywood and some cans of flourescent spray paint for $60. We made 12 signs in a couple of hours and I would guess we got at least 50 - 60 people just off of the signs. CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!

We turned the house into a gallery and everyone thought it was incredible. I don't have anything negative to say about our experience."

- Dennis Chamberlain, Upcountry Artist - Glass

"Here is a nice result from the MOS. I got a call from the Mayor's office and they said they had seen my bio in the Maui Open Studios Guidebook and wondered if I would like to display one of my prints in the lobby area of his office. I, of course, said "yes." They chose 5 artists with a mix of mediums to feature...it is good exposure and they will have sales information with the art available if anyone asks about the art. I look forward to next year."

- Jim Powlan, Kihei Artist - Printmaker

"It was beyond my wildest dreams. I learned so much. I think for me the fact that I had two great friends that also work in a gallery come to do sales was the secret to the success. Also the process of painting that I love doing is also what people picked up on. They see things that are part of the work and not too finished like most galleries have. It brought a braver type of a person that appreciates art.

I took everything down that was not my work in the house. Stashed it in the only room I kept closed. Filled the others with my work. I work large. People liked to look through my flat files to discover watercolors I had abandoned and they wanted them."


- Wanda Russell, Kihei/Maui Meadows Artist - Painter



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